9.26.2018 Portraits

fall session in the berkshires

Eilee stole my heart during this vibrant, fall photo shoot in the berkshires.  She was up for anything and she really seemed to love using some of the props I brought.  She's a vermonter at heart, so when I saw the hunter boots with the overalls, I was smitten. Her furry crew followed us along for the afternoon and kept us all entertained.  I've found over the years taking kid portraits that the key is to take many breaks and just play and be silly sometimes.  Eilee, thank you for showing me your infectious smile and I hope you keep giggling. 

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9.22.2018 Portraits

senior portrait in berkshire county

I've known Bella for quite some time, so it was an honor to hear from her to have me document her senior portrait.  We had a spectacular sunny day for her shoot in the Berkshires, and she just radiated happiness.  I love hearing about their plans for the future and what schools they are looking at and seeing that glow in their faces for what lies ahead.  I hope you have a wonderful senior year at Mt. Greylock and I wish you the best of luck with your future.  

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5.15.2018 Weddings

The perfect fit!

I often get asked as a wedding photographer, "how do you know which vendors to hire for your wedding?".  The beauty of being in the wedding industry is you get to work with many different people over multiple wedding seasons and you get a real feel for how people run their businesses.  First and foremost, every couple is different and so are their needs on their big day.  Some people prefer making each and every decision, while others prefer to hand off that creative decision making to the professionals.  Either way, you want to make sure you're choosing the right person to help guide you along the steps so you feel comfortable and confident in your decision making.  

When is comes to choosing a wedding photographer, my advice is go with your gut.  If you feel a connection to the work you see on their site as well as in your correspondence, then chances are he/she would be a good fit for you.  Let's dig a little deeper on this.  I want someone who can get back to me in a timely manner, answer any and all questions thoroughly, and help manage expectations for what may happen.  As a professional wedding photographer, I take my job very seriously and aim to provide stellar customer service along with helpful knowledge to guide all my couples.  I especially think managing expectations is the most crucial.  Why? Well, some of you may or may not have been married before, but most of my couples have never been hitched, so they don't know how timing for the day works, how long certain shot lists may take, what if it rains, and so on.  There are so many levels to a wedding.  The more you know, the better.  I hope that by being a respectable resource helps alleviate any wedding planning jitters. 

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