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4.5.2017 Engagements

tricia+nick's e-session in woodstock, vermont

I was so excited to photograph Tricia+Nick's engagement session in Woodstock, VT this past weekend.  The weather was almost 60 degrees and beautiful.  We were so fortunate to receive a warm day to go galavanting around quaint Woodstock.  Right across from the Woodstock Inn, there is a lovely covered bridge that most couples gravitate towards for having their photos taken.  We couldn't resist it oozes charm, beautiful natural light, and weathered beams.  They did a great job of snuggling together and truly enjoying each other's company.  Some of my future wedding clients seem to always worry about looking natural for their wedding pictures and honestly, I tell them to be themselves and be in the moment.  I've also made a point to document my clients from a distance so they have that space to feel more comfortable and it seems to help.  We're keeping our fingers crossed for this same weather for their wedding next month at Amee farm in Pittsfield, VT.  It's always exciting to have the opportunity to photograph at a new wedding venue.  See you both in a month!

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