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1.24.2019 Weddings


Diane and Matt eloped in Wallingford, Vermont on a snowy day in  January 2018.  They were surrounded by their loving families in a sweet Airbnb in a quintessential farmhouse not far from downtown where they exchanged their vows.   After the ceremony, we all took a stroll to the center of town to take some family portraits and images of the happy couple. Thank you both for having me there for your important day and below are some of my favorite images from their day.

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1.20.2019 Weddings

pro tip: managing time on your wedding day

Managing your time can be tricky in regular life never mind your wedding day.  If there's one conversation that I always have with my clients it is giving them the best advice I've learned from over the years on how to manage and time your big day.  So, let's try to look as happy as the picture below and really figure out how to stay ahead of the wedding timeline.   First, I always stress the importance of starting your day with buffers just in case hair or make-up run a bit behind.  When I go to photograph the getting ready portion of the day, for me, this is the most critical part of the day.  Why? Well, you can always add time at the end of the night, but you can't ever go back in time and start earlier once the day has started.  I love to get to my weddings's in my dna, I suppose.  When I discuss with a couple when their start time should begin, I always always tell them to buffer in an extra 30min to an hour before their hair or make-up would like to start.  You just never know if someone is going to run late, the weather is bad, or you change your mind last minute on how you want your hair or make-up to look.  Please please always start a bit earlier than you think for those possible bumps in the'll thank yourself.  

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11.9.2018 Weddings

caitlin+matt in boston

I knew from my phone conversation with Caitlin that she and Matt's intimate, summer wedding in Boston, MA would be a dream to photograph.  I could tell that Caitlin loved details and she blew me away when I saw her veil...Butterflies...everywhere....yes, you read that correctly.  They were so elegant and whimsical.  I just love when couples incorporate special details into their big day.  It was breathtaking and unique.  

I always love the opportunity to travel, so going to Boston was quite the experience from rural Vermont.   Their ceremony was at Boston College and their reception was at the luxurious No.9 restaurant in Boston's Beacon Hill.  The Boston Public Garden was near the restaurant so we were able to take some beautiful portraits there, even though there was a crowd of people, it was worth it and they rocked it.  

Below are some of my favorites from their day.

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