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8.20.2016 dogs

sunset in vermont

there's something about a sunset that  makes me run inside and grab my camera....especially when wilbur is just sitting there, NOT moving! the warmth of the golden sun speaks for itself and i just love challenging myself with this beautiful light; either it being a silhouette or rim lighting.  i had to put one in there of  wyatt in his sandbox.  i've been photographing him like this since he was little and i love seeing how grown up he's become.  these are some of my favorite portraits to capture...i just wish this light would last longer! can't wait for Fall in vermont to take some amazing portraits of seniors, siblings, and families! it's the most ideal time of year. 

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8.17.2014 dogs


how lucky was i to photograph these two pups on vacation and it also happened to be pepper's 5th birthday? happy birthday, pep! thanks for cooperating and not chasing any small creatures, merlin! after all, i'm no sports photographer :)
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10.18.2011 dogs


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